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Forward Greater Cheyenne: Community Vision

The following vision statement unifies our community's residents, businesses, and institutions behind a consensus vision for our future. It has been derived from the input of nearly 2,400 residents that provided their feedback on the community and their vision for its future.

Greater Cheyenne is an inviting and exciting community that works together to cultivate engagement and attachment. Our legacy as a cultural anchor of the Western Frontier and our emergence as an economic and entrepreneurial engine of the Front Range reflects our identity as a community of pioneers.

About Us

Beginning in December 2017, community leaders in Greater Cheyenne embarked upon a strategic planning process to help make the community a more prosperous and vibrant place to live, work, and do business. Multiple sponsoring organizations have guided this process.

To develop a comprehensive Community and Economic Development Strategy, Forward Greater Cheyenne hired Atlanta-based Market Street Services to conduct a community assessment to take into account the wants and needs of Greater Cheyenne’s residents, workers, and employers, as well as to develop an Economic and Workforce Profile to provide detailed analysis of the area’s economic and workforce composition. The entire process included a series of one-on-one interviews and focus groups and feedback received from an online survey open to all residents and business in the Cheyenne area.

The finished Community and Economic Development Strategy details eight strategic initiatives related to the community’s identified challenges and opportunities, and a corresponding set of actions and investments needed to help meet our community’s goals.

 Strategic Initiatives

  1. DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION: Facilitate revitalization of Downtown Cheyenne through a series of intentional investments, new incentives, and redevelopment projects.

  2. CHEYENNE GREENWAY TRANSFORMATION: Transform the Cheyenne Greenway into a unique and differentiating amenity along the Front Range.

  3. LCCC EXPANSION: APPLIED BACCALAUREATE DEGREES: Begin offering applied baccalaureate degrees at Laramie County Community College (LCCC) to support long-term economic and workforce competitiveness.

  4. CHEYENNE CENTER FOR ENTERPRISE & ENTREPRENEURSHIP (C2E2): Develop an environment for entrepreneurship through purposeful investments, programs, and policies that support and encourage small business formation and development.

  5. BUSINESS RETENTION, EXPANSION, AND ATTRACTION: Implement a targeted, proactive economic development program supporting the community's economic diversification through business retention, expansion, and attraction.

  6. COMMUNITY BEAUTIFICATION: Enhance community attractiveness and image through purposeful investments, programs, and policies that support beautification and blight removal.

  7. PRIDE, ENGAGEMENT, AND ATTACHMENT: Enhance resident pride, engagement, and attachment by expanding opportunities to positively influence and impact the community

  8. REGIONAL ASSETS AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Advocate for investments in high-priority transportation, economic, and social infrastructure that is central to our economic prosperity and long-term vision.