Implementation Schedule: LCCC Expansion: Applied Baccalaureate Degrees

POTENTIAL LEAD IMPLEMENTERS: Laramie County Community College

POTENTIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERS: Cheyenne Area Workforce Alliance (recommended); Wyoming Community College Foundation; Wyoming Department of Education; Laramie County School District #1; Laramie County School District #2; University of Wyoming; Wyoming Department of Workforce Services; Wyoming Workforce Development Council; City of Cheyenne; Laramie County; Downtown Development Authority; Cheyenne LEADS; Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce; Private Employers/Existing Businesses

POTENTIAL COSTS: Cost associated with transitioning programming and establishing a downtown campus are highly variable depending upon the facilities identified and a variety of associated factors. A budget for the Cheyenne Area Workforce Alliance should be established based on the priority activities identified by Alliance stakeholders. The majority of the cost associated with the Workforce Alliance’s efforts will come from investment in new staff supporting education and workforce development (see section entitled “Organizational Capacity: Staff and Financial Resources”).

POTENTIAL FUNDING SOURCES: LCCC (bond referendum and other mechanisms); state funds (potentially including available loans for residence hall development); other public and private partners may be able to contribute to project costs through the provision of land and other assets

Rachel Girt