Implementation Schedule: Community Beautification

POTENTIAL LEAD IMPLEMENTERS: City of Cheyenne for public art, corridor beautification, and blight removal; area nonprofits to manage beautification fund

POTENTIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERS: Private Employers/Existing Businesses; Laramie County; Downtown Development Authority; Visit Cheyenne; Arts Cheyenne; Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce; Wyoming Department of Transportation; Cheyenne Housing Authority; Cheyenne Greenway Foundation; Laramie County Community College; United Way of Laramie County; Wyoming Community Foundation

POTENTIAL COSTS: A reasonable annual budget to cover the development of a public art program ($50,000) and a small matching beautification grant program ($10,000) should be established. Cost associated with corridor beautification is highly variable; a set of projects and corresponding annual budget requests should be established to advance key projects. Many gateway improvement projects featuring attractive signage, landmark artistic features (including public art), landscaping, and other attractive elements often range from $75,000 - $150,000. Corridor beautification efforts are more highly variable depending upon scope components.

POTENTIAL FUNDING SOURCES: City of Cheyenne general fund; Laramie County general fund; potential new Business Improvement Districts (BIDs); private contributions (for the beautification fund)

Rachel Girt