Implementation Schedule: Downtown Revitalization

POTENTIAL LEAD IMPLEMENTERS: Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

POTENTIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERS: City of Cheyenne; Cheyenne LEADS; Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce; Private Employers/Existing Businesses; State of Wyoming; Laramie County Community College; Downtown Development Foundation; Visit Cheyenne; Arts Cheyenne;

POTENTIAL COSTS: Capital project costs associated with implementing the various visions for downtown (West Edge, Reed Ave, Downtown Core Plan, etc.) are highly variable depending upon the projects advanced and the level of public-private support required for individual projects.

POTENTIAL FUNDING SOURCES: DDA funds (including mill levy); Tax increment financing (TIF); sixth penny sales tax or seventh penny economic development sales tax; City of Cheyenne; Cheyenne LEADS; private contributions and sponsorships (for wireless network development); Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge

Rachel Girt