Implementation Schedule: Center for Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

POTENTIAL LEAD IMPLEMENTERS: Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

POTENTIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERS: City of Cheyenne; Laramie County; Downtown Development Authority; Cheyenne LEADS; Wyoming Small Business Development Center; SCORE Mentors; Wyoming Business Council; Wyoming Nonprofit Network; Laramie County Community College; University of Wyoming; Private Employers/Existing Businesses

POTENTIAL COSTS: Capital costs associated with developing a new physical center are highly variable depending upon the facility selected and the degree to which it is co-located with other community institutions and facilities.

A reasonable annual budget associated with the development and maintenance of the virtual center, and program and service delivery associated with the virtual and physical center, is between $50,000 and $100,000 annually. Costs will be associated with employing a Director of C2E2 will also be incurred, with total costs (salary and other personnel related expenditures) near or exceeding $100,000 annually.

POTENTIAL FUNDING SOURCES: New monies will be required to support program expansion (see section entitled “Organizational Alignment” for a discussion of fundraising considerations). In addition to local fundraising efforts to support program and service delivery, state funds from the Wyoming Business Council and grants from the newly-established Kickstart:Wyoming can support Center establishment and potentially service delivery.

Rachel Girt