Implementation Schedule: Cheyenne Greenway Transformation


POTENTIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERS: Cheyenne Greenway Foundation; Cheyenne LEADS; Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce; Private Employers/Existing Businesses; Laramie County School District #1; Laramie County School District #2; Laramie County Community College; Cheyenne Professional Network; United Way of Laramie County Emerging Leaders; Cheyenne MPO; State of Wyoming

POTENTIAL COSTS: Capital project costs associated with implementing a vision for the transformation of the Cheyenne Greenway will vary tremendously depending on the vision established and the degree to which the public sector supports and incentivizes public-private redevelopment projects along the Greenway.

Cost associated with the development of that vision could reasonably approach $200,000 in planning and consultant fees.

Cost associated with the development of a network of experiences along the greenway, inclusive of public art projects, could reasonably comprise a conservative annual budget of $100,000 to invest in such experiences.

POTENTIAL FUNDING SOURCES: Sixth penny sales tax or seventh penny economic development sales tax; City of Cheyenne; Cheyenne Greenway Foundation; federal transportation funds via Cheyenne MPO could support planning efforts

Rachel Girt