Implementation Schedule: Regional Assets and Infrastructure

POTENTIAL LEAD IMPLEMENTERS: Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

POTENTIAL SUPPORTING PARTNERS: State of Wyoming; Governor’s Office; City of Cheyenne; Laramie County; Wyoming Department of Transportation; State of Colorado (CDOT); F.E. Warren Air Force Base, U.S. Department of Defense; Private Employers/Existing Businesses; Cheyenne Professional Network; United Way of Laramie County Emerging Leaders; Cheyenne Housing Authority; Cheyenne Board of Realtors

POTENTIAL COSTS: Primary cost associated with advocacy efforts is staff time; a modest increase in the Chamber’s advocacy/legislative affairs budget ($5,000 annually) could support enhanced in-person advocacy efforts (state or federal) as opportunities and needs arise. A more substantive increase could support more aggressive communications and voter turnout campaigns associated with referenda influencing community projects (serious advocacy campaigns associated with major referenda or bond packages in communities of similar size to Cheyenne often exceed $50,000).

POTENTIAL FUNDING SOURCES: Chamber advocacy/legislative affairs budget

Rachel Girt