Implementation plan launch a success

Forward Greater Cheyenne announced its community and economic strategies and implementation plan during the launch event held at the Atlas Theater on January 17.

“While we have a lot of positives going for us as a county and city, I believe we can do better. FGC is important because without clarity and focus, our communities may continue to move forward at times in a disjointed and/or haphazard manner. Just like with a business, church or non-profit, the better we can move forward in a unified manner, the better chance for success,” said Brian Heithoff, Forward Greater Cheyenne Association Co-Chair.

At the launch event, the eight community strategy coordinators who will oversee the project’s implementation were announced:

  1. Downtown - JJ Chen | | 307-286-4762

  2. Greenway - Jim Walter, Visit Cheyenne | | 307-772-7250

  3. LCCC - Kim Withers| | 307.635.7878 x7414

  4. Entrepreneurship - Sam Weinstein |

  5. Business Retention and Expansion - Brendan Ames |

  6. Beautification - Kirsten Malm, First American Title Insurance Co | | 307-421-4753

  7. Community Pride - Chad Willett, West Edge Collective | | 307.222.9564

  8. Infrastructure - Tighe Fagan | | 307-287-0164

Rachel Girt